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Dimple Dugar, a soft-spoken powerful woman who paved her own path, wrote her success story as immaculately as she writes her scripts and directs her stories. She’s a dreamer, achiever, ambitious all together a passionate writer-director-producer that’s Dimple Dugar for you.


18 May: Rajeev Chopra

Partner & Producer in JVD Films

Rajeev Babulal chopra, partner and producer of JVD films, Md of SRK group, excels in real estate, hospitality, film and philanthropy. Notable he is leader in affordable housing in Northern mumbai.

Rajeev chopra founded the SRK Foundation addressing social issues aligned with the UN’S sustainable Development Goals.

His efforts in poverty alleviation, supporting children, and aiding frontline workers have earned recognition. He also leads SRK SPORTS LEAGUE LLP, promoting youth talent globally. As Director of SRK RAJASTHAN TIGERS Tennis Team, he sets benchmarks in sports. Chopra’s commitment to excellence and societal betterment defines his impactful legacy.